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Welcome to the tenth year festivity at Kranti Yoga School. It is a pleasure to report that more than 6000 understudies have gone to The Yoga Town from all sides of the globe to make with us as the two teachers and masters for quite a while. We are cheerful to express that we have educators around the world, some of whom still come back to Patnem Shoreline to hone with us each season.

We offer 100, 200, 300 and 500 hrs Yoga Participation ensure Yoga Teacher Instructional classes (YTTC) in Ashtanga Vinyasa Stream Yoga, Heightened Yoga Courses and Yoga Events. Our enlightening modules has been made over the traverse generally years and is endlessly making under the heading of our exceptionally experienced instructing staff. We endeavor to guarantee that each understudy is constantly snatching, making and partaking amidst their plausibility with us and past.

With our to a great degree experienced yoga educators to control you, we will take you on a learning meander, urging you to proceed with a yogic way of life. We will extend your comprehension and impression of Ashtanga Vinyasa Stream Yoga to build up a physical and huge practice. Our point is that you achieve your most astounding potential whether this is through demonstrating yoga or as a yoga ace

The Kranti Yoga Town is orchestrated in Patnem. Quiet coconut forests, luscious palm trees, twinkling pixie lights, tinted muslin, swinging easygoing lodge perspectives of the shoreline imagine you. Our select lodges will suit our wonderful yogis and yoginis from wherever all through the world. Our basic shala neglects the Center Eastern Ocean and gives a bewildering district to reflection, pranayama and yoga classes.

We are reckoning one more decade of getting the hang of, sharing and disapproving. Your space in paradise expects you!!

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